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Ultimate Summer Wedding Hair Guide



Style: Whether sleek for an elegant look or slightly disheveled for a more rustic style, updos are a perfect way to get chic summer hair. Knots, bun, and twists of all shapes and sizes have made their way to the altar.

Get the look: Comb your hair with a wide-tooth comb and prep your hair with primer or mousse to keep flyaways at bay. Blow-dry your mane on a low setting or let it air dry. Once it's completely dry, curl your strands with hot rollers or use a curling iron and set with Velcro curlers. Leave the rollers in until your hair is cool, which will help retain the curl. Next, take out the curlers and slightly tease the base of each wave for added volume. Once you're finished, apply a thin layer of hair serum to your hands and gently tousle. Sweep your tresses back into a low bun, twist, or knot. Don't worry about getting it perfect -- the slightly messy look will exaggerate the soft summertime style.

Down 'Dos

Style: From long, ethereal waves to glam pin curls, soft, flowing hair provides an instant laid-back look to any warm-weather wedding. Celebs like Jennifer Aniston, Avril Lavigne, and Marcia Cross donned effortlessly gorgeous wedding down 'dos.

Get the look: Start off by combing your hair straight with a paddle brush and removing any knots. Work in a curl enhancer from root to tip and scrunch. Let your strands air dry and tousle, or blow-dry on the lowest setting with a diffuser to reduce frizz. Set your strands in hot rollers for a more structured, glamorous look, or use a large-barrel curling iron for an unruly style -- be sure to pin to retain the wave. Spritz with a light finishing spray for hold and shine; then gently remove the curlers or pins. Finish by adding a little pomade to your fingertips and working it into your roots. If you're worried your hair will appear too plain, add braids or twists for extra depth.


Style: Sun-kissed highlights are the look of the moment for summertime tresses. Not only do natural highlights add intensity, they also photograph better.

Get the look: Opt for a variety of color levels, which add movement and texture. Brunettes should never go lighter than what the sun would naturally do to their hair. For blondes, the key is depth; add various tones of flaxen for soft color. If you want a less-structured and streak-free look, try baliage -- a salon technique where a stylist paints the highlights color freehand-style, rather than using the traditional foils. The result is a natural look that blends with your roots and color.

Taming Flyaways

Style: You want shiny, silky smooth hair but humid weather can leave your strands frizzy and out-of-control, while drier climates can create split ends and straw-like locks. Keep your surroundings in mind when choosing your wedding hairstyle.

Get the look: If your hair tends to get frizzy, consider an updo that's loose around the hairline and nape of your neck, which will conceal any frizz. For hair worn down in drier areas, condition your hair with a mask the night before and apply a curl enhancer and SPF to keep your locks looking refreshed and hydrated. Have pomade and finishing spray on hand throughout the day for touch-ups.

Special thanks to Stacy Pitt from StylesOnB

Source: The Knot


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