Friday, November 30, 2018

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This Rosé Pool Float Is Exactly What Your Bachelorette Party Needs


There’s nothing like a cheeky, fashionable float to accessorize that poolside Instagram shot—whether it’s a swan (thank you, Taylor Swift), a flamingo or an avocado, we’ve just about scrolled past them all.

But here’s one we haven’t seen before: a nearly six-foot tall inflatable bottle of rosé. And, yes, the fact that this is the perfect addition to your bachelorette party probably immediately comes to mind. After all—it’s likely already your besties’ favorite summer beverage, so it only makes sense that it’d be turned into the next big beach necessity. (We’re actually surprised it took this long.)

And the price point isn’t bad either—you can get it at Target for only $25.

So whether your last single soirée is held in the Hamptons, Palm Springs or the pool in your backyard, as long as a body of water is involved, you’ll definitely need a blow-up bottle of bubbly to float on. Real bottles of rosé, on the other hand, are optional (but highly encouraged).

Source: The Knot


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