Friday, November 30, 2018

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Summer Wedding Style Ideas


The Decor

  • Invoke a nature theme and use insects (um, cute ones, that is) such as ladybugs (representing good luck) and bumble bees (representing honey, as in your sweetheart) all over your space.

  • To create a seaside feel, use seaglass-color table linens, white bamboo chairs, and lots of candlelight.

  • Name each table after places you both love to go this time of year, such as a special beach or a favorite restaurant.

The Invitations

  • Pick a logo and feature it everywhere: atop your invitations, your save-the-dates, and your thank-you cards.

  • Add a surprising element -- affix a three-dimensional mini starfish to the top of your invite.

  • Use beautiful organza ribbons in your colors to ornament your invitations.

The Flowers

  • Pair your favorite wedding flower with seasonal fruits: Place lemons and limes in tall clear topiaries and top with loose floral arrangements.

  • Go for a lush garden look and plant bright pink hydrangeas in antique urns to flank your outdoor aisle. (After the event is over replant the blooms in your garden!)

  • Select bouquets for the maids that, when placed all together, look like the horizon during a sunset.

  • Choose a palette and feature centerpieces in different shades at each table: pale pink, hot pink, and peachy pink, for example.

The Menu

  • Feature tropical-color martinis as signature cocktails.

  • Serve fresh green salads accented with organic flower blossoms.

  • Offer a "light" choice on your menu for waistline-watching guests.

The Cake

  • Be a kid again with tiers of light and fluffy vanilla cupcakes.

  • Have a light touch with fresh berries topped with whipped cream.

  • Serve big bowls of cherries.

  • Cool off with gelato (yum!).

The Favors

  • Offer relief from the sun with personalized paper fans and parasols.

  • Give flip-flops in your wedding colors.

  • Go nostalgic and get a penny-candy cart. Or if you can't manage to find an old-school cart for rent, set up a countertop or table with big clear jars filled with candies (one with caramels, another with lemon drops, a third with Twizzlers, and so on). Leave glassine bags beside the jars so your guests can help themselves and leave your wedding on a sugar high note.

Source: The Knot


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