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Head-to-Toe Summer Beauty Treatments



What you want:

Whether you're accenting your hair with a veil, flowers, or nothing at all, you want tresses that move and look good in the sunny surroundings.

The treatment:

Make your strands stand out with sun-kissed tresses. Highlighted hair will photograph better and add definition and movement. To get a look that appears natural, try baliage. French for "strands of color," this highlighting technique ditches the traditional foils because the stylist paints color on various strands freehand. Instead of methodical highlights, you'll get natural-looking locks with a touch of definition. Plus, since the color blends in with your roots, it's easier to maintain, which is great news for your extended honeymoon.

Tip for the taking:

Speaking of your honeymoon, it's important to keep your strands protected when you're out in the sun. Just like skin, hair can actually sunburn, so keep it hydrated and refreshed with a leave-in sunscreen. Brands like Phyto and Frederic Fekkai have lines dedicated to sun protection.


What you want:

From a glowing complexion to engaging eyes, you want to ensure your picture-perfect look stays in place from the vows to the very last dance.

The treatment:

Consider using airbrushed makeup. A special foundation formula that won't smudge or budge is sprayed over your face and neck (even your arms and back) using an air compressor. The result is an oil-free, light base that's heavy and won't sweat off. A makeup artist can even contour your foundation to give you killer cheekbones or airbrush on a rosy cheek. Before you commit, schedule a trial run at a spa or have a makeup artist come to your house to do your whole wedding party.

Tip for the taking:

Once you have your foundation set, add a little color to your eyes and lips. When you're done, set your makeup with a spray sealer to ensure a smudge-free face. Have your makeup artist try a light dusting, or do it yourself with Model in a Bottle or Invisible Setting Make-up setting spray. Similar to hair spray (without the stickiness and harsh chemicals), this sealant will lightly cover every inch to secure your makeup.


What you want:

With a honeymoon around the corner, you want your legs looking as smooth and cellulite-free as possible.

The treatment:

If cellulite is a top concern for you, you may want to look into a noninvasive procedure such as VelaShape, which uses a combination of infrared light and bipolar radio frequency energies as well as rollers and vacuum suction. Don't be afraid of the technical jargon -- basically, the heat from the light melts the fat while the rollers and suction increase circulation for a smooth finish. Results are common after a month's worth of weekly treatments.

Tip for the taking:

If VelaShape sounds too intense for you, keep your skin looking younger with an all-natural remedy called Vinotherapie. French women have been using it for years, and many spas in the US are now incorporating Vinotherapie into specific treatments. Wine and grapes with rejuvenating and anti-aging properties (there are antioxidants in the grape seeds and vines) are included in services like facials, baths, wraps, and more.


What you want:

Show off your stunning engagement and wedding rings with perfectly manicured nails.

The treatment:

Beyond the typical manicure-pedicure combo, keep your hands and feet looking young and show those cuticles who's boss with hand and foot microdermabrasion treatments. Your hands, feet, and cuticles will be buffed with tiny crystals using a microdermabrasion machine to exfoliate dead cells and sun damage from your top layer of skin.

Tip for the taking:

While you're indulging your hands and feet, do something to help the environment too. Eco makeup and services are all the rage, but now brides can use environmentally friendly nail polish. Try brands like PeaceKeeper Nail Paint (made from natural minerals; some are vegan) and WaterColors Non-Peel Off Polish (made from a water-base and totally odor-free). Order a few online and test them at your local nail salon.

Special thanks to Dashing Diva and American Laser Centers

Source: The Knot


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