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8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding


  1. 1. Vineyard Wedding Invitation

    8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding

    Set the tone of your celebration with a simple, yet distinctive, wedding invitation. The grape leaves hint at the awesome location you've chosen, but in an understated way (this is your wedding, not a theme party!).

    A Wine Romance Invitation, from $1.30,

  2. 2. Paper Parasol

    8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding

    If your ceremony is going to out be outdoors, make sure your guests will be comfortable for the duration of your nuptials. If it's suppose to be hot and sunny, consider printing your ceremony programs on paper fans and supplying parasols to keep guests cool. The parasols can even double as wedding favors.

    Paper Parasol With Bamboo Boning, from $9.98,

  3. 3. Bottle Centerpieces

    8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding

    Decorate your tables with arrangements of different sized bottles accessorized them with blooms. Having one or two prominent buds in each vase not only keeps the cost down (compared to huge centerpieces), but the use of different sizes and shapes gives the arrangement a playful feel.

    Decorating Glass Bottle Set, from $23.88 for a set of 6,

  4. 4. "Cheers" Photo Backdrop

    8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding

    You can really get your money's worth if you play your cards right with this photo backdrop. Set it up for a few engagement snaps, then bring it out again to serve as the background for fun photo ops at the wedding. If you store it properly, it could even be used for future anniversary parties in years to come.

    Vineyard Personalized Photo Backdrop, $100,

  5. 5. Table Number Labels

    8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding

    Add this adhesive table number on wine bottles you're using as centerpiece decor, or on unopened bottles that will be consumed by your guests, family style.

    Classic Table Number Wine Label, $7 for a set of 12,

  6. 6. Wine Journal

    8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding

    If your vineyard celebration includes a wine tasting bar, accessorize it with notepads that guests can use to write down which vintages they enjoyed and want to remember for later. Best of all, this handy notebook can double as a wedding favor.

    Vineyard Personalized Book Style Notepad, from $1.98,

  7. 7. Custom Stamp

    8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding

    The uses for this personalized vineyard-themed stamp are endless. Ink your initials on your invitations, favor bags, thank you cards, and use it for personal letters and stationery after the wedding is over.

    Personalized Vineyard Rubber Stamp, $40,

  8. 8. Wine Bottlestopper

    8 Style Details For Your Vineyard Wedding

    At the end of your wine-fueled celebration, send guests home with a thank you gift that coordinates with the theme of the evening. A bottle stopper is both festive and incredibly useful.

    Leaf Wine Stopper, from $2.78,

Source: The Knot


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