Friday, November 30, 2018

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5 Creative Ceiling Centerpieces


  1. Shine On

    5 Creative Ceiling Centerpieces
    Buffy Dekmar Photography

    Light things up with an industrial installation made entirely from ornate glass bulbs strung at varying heights.

  2. Dream Weaver

    5 Creative Ceiling Centerpieces
    Braedon Photography

    Suspend string lights and dream catchers from trees for a bohemian look that's totally DIY-able.

  3. Freshly Picked

    5 Creative Ceiling Centerpieces
    Rebekah J. Murray Photography

    Flower-filled hanging pots draw the eye up, and ensure guests don't spend the night trying to chat over bulky centerpieces.

  4. Light As a Feather

    5 Creative Ceiling Centerpieces
    VUE Photography

    A rustic wood arch gets an eclectic upgrade thanks to striped feathers that add a pop of pattern and texture.

  5. Wild and Free

    5 Creative Ceiling Centerpieces
    Hazelnut Photography

    Hanging amaranthus creates a whimsical, garden-inspired ceremony space.

Source: The Knot


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